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So What Do We Do To Help?


After 47 years serving the community Sammy Community Transport (incorporating Arun Coordinated Community Transport) is to close its doors. The retirement of the manager after 10 years and the loss of the assistant manager to another organisation caused the Directors to take a hard look at the position of the organisation and the likely future. Recent months have shown a decline in reserves as parts of Sammy showed lower income and indeed in certain areas losses were sustained.

Started some 47 years ago to serve the community the organisation has seen many changes and endured good and bad times. Originally run by volunteers the last few years have seen a steady decline in such generosity and this has meant that staff have had to be employed to take the administration roles and also that paid drivers have been used for the minibus trips. The result inevitably is that trips are now without any profit and at times Sammy has had to subsidise them. 

Another drain on resources has been the increase in legislation of this sector making it far more expensive to run the vehicles and coupled with the steady decline in financial support from the local authorities the whole situation has become untenable. New legislation is bringing in need to find chaperones for trips and the threat of new licensing structure for drivers would place unacceptable burden on Community Transport organisations.

Rather than struggle on in this environment and eventually letting people down and also respecting the concern that staff would have not knowing their future the Directors have decided, with much regret, to stop running the organisation as it is.

The Directors would like to thank the local community for their support over the years and while this will undoubtedly be disappointing news to our many clients, and sponsors, please be assured that we will do everything possible to determine if we can once again, rise to the challenge.